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A Vision and Mission will be accomplished

In July 2012 a vision birthed inside of me. I ran it by my husband and he encouraged me in it. After a while not only was Neil, my husband, encouraging me, but very involved with the planning of our soon to be new home daycare.

So began the journey to start a childcare business in my home. It was evident to me, once the word got out about my childcare, that there was a need. I didn’t realize how big the need was at the time but knew there was a need. I got calls daily from parents who were looking for childcare services. Most of the children were either babies, young toddlers, or CCAP recipients. It’s not in my nature to sit by and do nothing. I planned, thought, and looked for a building to use as a childcare center.

My vision and dream got bigger as in 2014 I began whole heartedly searching for a place to start a center. TriPointe was the very first place I looked at, but I was told it was not suitable for babies up to 30 months old. This group of children were the ones with the greatest need for childcare. I looked in Evans, Gilcrest, Loveland, Windsor, and Greeley. In 2016, I went back to TriPointe. I felt like the problems that were ahead of us could be fixed and was given a contract.

I didn’t realize what the work on the rooms would intail, but I knew I was not going to stop until TLC was up and running. It has taken over a year to get to a point of opening day. Lots of patience, lots of bridges to cross, and many stories to tell. We would not give up. We love the children and love this community. So, it is with great joy that I can announce in April 1st 2019 we will be opening Tendercare Learning Center; full capacity will be 170 children;  toddlers, preschool, one on one, and after school programs.

We accept CCAP and self-pay. There are no restrictions on how many CCAP children we take in. These children are our future and we will be a top-notch childcare center, making sure people will recognize the children who went to TLC as they will learn in a safe and healthy environment.

We need more teachers that are qualified. We would love volunteers too.

Remember, however you help TLC you are building a better future for these children.

“It’s okay to giggle for no reason at all!”


We want to be apart of your child's world to give her or him the perspective that you want your child to have.  We are an extension of the family.

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